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Privacy Policy

To ensure the highest quality of dental care, Sunny Coast Dental gathers personal information from you. This includes basic details like your name, address, and phone numbers, as well as information about your general health and medical history. This comprehensive health picture is crucial for the dentist to properly plan and deliver your care.

We understand that this information is sensitive and private, and we are committed to safeguarding it in accordance with privacy legislation and Australian Dental Association guidelines. Rest assured that your information will only be used by the treating dentist to provide you with the best possible care. It will not be shared with anyone not involved in your treatment without your explicit consent.

You have the right to access this information upon request, whether during an appointment or at another time. While there is no charge for this service, we may require photographic identification for verification purposes.

We take proactive measures to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and security of the information we hold about you. Our staff are trained to uphold these principles at all times.

Periodically, we send newsletters to our community to share dental health updates, practice news, and special offers. Your email address may be added to our mailing list as a client, but we never engage in spamming or sell your information to third parties. You have full control over your subscription preferences and can easily unsubscribe or manage your preferences by clicking the link provided in each email.

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